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Foshan Huachuang Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Specialized manufacturer and supplier of LED dental operatory lights

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    Part 2, Floor 4, A3 Building, New Lighting Resource Industry Zone, Luocun, Shishan Town, Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Foshan Huachuang Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of dental lighting equipment including LED surgical lights for dental implant surgeries, reflector type LED dental operatory lights, direct-lit LED dental operatory lights, integrated dental camera and video systems, and dental light arms. The highly focused portfolio centered around dental lighting allow Huachuang to offer cutting edge lighting solutions for the most critical medical applications by leveraging a unique combination of innovative technology and application expertise.

No matter what your customers' individual requirements are, Huachuang stands ready to offer you the right solutions with a value-added blend of performance, reliability, efficiency and cost-competitiveness. Huachuang's LED dental lights provide exceptional performance for all aspects of surgery. With innovative shadow management control, a high-intensity light pattern and optimal color rendition, the dynamically focusable, high intensity LED lightheads provide optimal visualization of small, low-contrast objects at varying depths in oral cavities with minimum eye fatigue. The enhanced industry design offers unparalleled ergonomics, superior maneuverability, and extraordinary aesthetics. The exceptional reliability, minimal maintenance and super low energy consumption ensures over 50,000 hours of hassle free operation at maintenance and operating costs.

The in-depth understanding of this industry niche and unique wealth of experience in OEM/ODM drives the company’s pioneering development of more creative products that maximize real-world value for your investment. With a team of experienced in-house engineers and the fully equipped manufacturing facilities, you harness the power of Huachuang's expertise across the entire value chain - from industrial design, product engineering, to advanced manufacturing in full compliance with medical quality system regulations.
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